Grilling 101

General Grilling Tips

Check out a few simple charcoal grilling tips that'll help amateurs and pros alike deliver the best possible meal any night of the week.
  • Use a meat thermometer to help make sure your meat reaches the desired temp
  • Using wood chips and chunks are an easy way to add flavor to your meat
  • Prevent foods from sticking to the cooking grate by coating some vegetable oil on a cold cooking grate with a paper towel
  • Once the charcoal is lit, don’t start cooking until the briquets are predominantly ashed over
  • Don't make the rookie mistake of using a grilling fork on your food. It causes the loss of natural meat juices, so use tongs or a spatula
  • Always use a clean plate for your cooked food to avoid contamination from a plate that held your uncooked food
  • Trimming fat from meat before grilling helps avoid flare-ups and makes for healthier food
  • Apply tomato and sugar based sauces at the end of cooking as they burn easily

Ashed charcoal briquets by Royal Oak Grilling sausage with tongues Royal Oak