Grilling 101

All About Charcoal

There are two major types of charcoal, briquet and┬álump. Both are easy to light and cook with, and knowing the difference will help you choose what's best for any grilling situation. Royal Oak proudly offers both, and we hope you'll take a quick minute to familiarize yourself with some of the characteristics of each.  

Ashed charcoal briquets by Royal OakCharcoal Briquets:

Our USA produced briquets are made from ground charcoal mixed and bound with cornstarch, which is then formed into Ridge briquets. The result is a consistent size and shape with an even, predictable burning time. Royal Oak briquets feature an innovative ridge, which allows for faster start-up times, quick ashover, and even burning. All our briquets are made in the USA with the highest quality control standards in the industry. They're easy to light, easy to cook with, and are a favorite of grillers all over the nation.

Lump charcoal by Royal OakLump:

Made right here in the USA from renewable resources, Royal Oak lump charcoal is 100% natural with no additives or fillers. It's made from chunks of real hardwood that have been heated under controlled conditions to remove moisture and impurities. The result is pure lump charcoal, a unique product with different characteristics than regular charcoal briquets.
  1. Lump charcoal burns clean with very little ash
  2. It lights quickly and easily and gets up to cooking temperature fast
  3. It burns very hot, searing foods and locking in natural flavorful juices
  4. Lump imparts an unmistakable, classic wood-smoke grill taste
  5. High heat caramelizes natural sugars in food, for mouthwatering flavors

Chips and Chunks:

Royal Oak also offers a selection of grilling woods that'll help you add the perfect flavor whether you're grilling hot & fast, or cooking BBQ low & slow. All our chips and chunks are made in the USA from the highest quality hardwoods carefully selected for the best performance and taste.
Hickory Chips and Chunks
The distinct, lightly sweet flavor of hickory has been a favorite of backyard grillers and pro pitmasters for decades. For a sweetness perfectly suited to things like ribs and pork butts, soak chips in water for 30 minutes, and sprinkle directly over your lit coals to give your food great hickory taste. You can also use chips in a foil pouch when smoking meats. For longer cook times like low & slow BBQ, try our larger sized hickory chunks. Soaking for a short time in water and then adding to lit coals will produce excellent, smoky taste.
Mesquite Chips and Chunks
Mesquite wood gives food a stronger, smokier more unique southwestern flavor. Foods that benefit from mesquite's tangy zest include steaks, chicken, seafood and vegetables. Available in both chips and chunks, it performs in the same way as hickory. Just soak in water for about 30 minutes, and add directly to your lit coals to give your grill that perfect woodsmoke taste.